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Modern Day Boho Traveler is a free spirit (aka gypsy) who appreciates adventure, the arts and the art of the deal.


Is it coincidence that BoHo transposed is Hobo?  Historically speaking, Bohemian people were originally those who lived in the long overthrown (1918) Kingdom of Bohemia, a part of what is the Czech Republic, broadened to many with Eastern European roots. It has since been used to describe those with a nomadic or unconventional lifestyle, often with artistic leanings.  The term has been synonymous with gypsies that traveled as needed, often using talents of music, dance, magic and handcrafts to earn a living. Some theorize that they had to keep moving because of less than forthright methods of getting by. Let’s hope that means is outdated as well. 

They are travelers, traders and artisans.  Untitled-34

Today’s reference to Bohemian is abbreviated in BoHo, still meaning a bit of a hippie, nomad or artisan.  Another related term, Boho Chic, is a popular, eclectic fashion trend.

Are you ready to let go and roam the world as gypsies and free spirits do?

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